iDRiS HO One of the talented creative artist selected to join the "Innocentre-incubation programme" with her company named "hahahappiness CREATIVE dRIVE Ltd." She is also the champion of the Best Short Movie by The Alliance Fran├žaise in HK. iDRiS is also an awarded photographer in Hong Kong. Graduated in The HK Academy for Performaning Arts. With solid experience in film industry, TV commercial and design field. iDRiS is the Creative Director in hahahappiness. She is also a designer, photographer, illustrator, script writer, lyrics writer and a painter. With all these skills in order to keep a high-quality creative service by hahahappiness. "Work with happiness in creative jobs.", "Transform conditions into different forms .", "Anything is possible." are her signature phrase. Well, anyway. So what! Marty WONG Marty was shaped as an almighty musician since his teenage years. He has been blocked from music when he was around 10 which drove him to search for music. And music is another big world for him for many years. Marty has been played music in band society over 20 years. Played with many different musicians in band society. Marty is a vocalist, producer, engineer, composer...a rare all-round musician in Hong Kong. Marty is producer of many singers in Hong Kong. "songs never remain the same." "quality of music should not defined by high technology, it is all from your heart." "good music touches your heart." are his signature phrase.

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